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Life isn't happening TO you.
It's happening THROUGH you!
You are meant to live an abundant, joyful, and fulfilling life.
Believe. Receive. And Never Doubt Yourself.
Just B.R.A.N.D. Yourself. You got this!

It's time to step into the next best version of YOU!

hey friend.

You deserve to be happy and to live a life of ease. Sometimes we forget that and let autopilot take over. YOU are the creator of your life story.
That's right - you determine the events and create the meaning of that story, too.
 The best part? You can also revise the story. How? Let's get into it!

Empowering Those Who Want to Thrive

Let's get started!

First, we need to find out your character strengths because in order to manifest your best life, we need to know who you are at your core.

Click on the link to take the scientifically validated VIA Survey.
It's quick, easy, and full of valuable information!

Once  you take the quiz, I will connect with you free of charge so we can go over results and align them with your goals.  Congratulations! You're on your way!


Let's Build Your
Best Life 

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I'm Christy,your
personal educator.

Together we can turn thoughts into things. Whether I am teaching the Law of Attraction and manifestation or how to help kids thrive through positivity, one of my greatest gifts is taking complex concepts and making them easy to understand. I want to help you develop the skills that will create success for you. Together we will leverage your strengths, tap into your superpowers, and program your mind for success. My intention is that you stop playing small and realize your potential. You will become happier, more confident, and feel at ease. Doesn't that sound good?

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Are you ready to let go of fear and anxiety, of judging yourself and others, and those feelings around scarcity of time, energy, and money?

Want to make a change and not sure how to start?

We are single moms, working full-time, raising kids, and we are living a life of love, gratitude, and abundance. Come join us and we will guide you in letting go of all that negative energy!

The Flourishing Woman

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You know what you want, but you don't know how to get there. You have a deep desire for meaning and purpose, but something is blocking your way and you're frustrated.

I've been there, and I get it.

There are 3 steps that you need to know to take you to where you want to go. I am equipped with the resources and the certifications required to get you there. 

Click below to learn more about how to work with me as your manifesting mentor.

Manifesting Mentor

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“After participating in Christy's class, I was able to manifest two important things. First, I put my new learning to work and manifested a financial gain. Additionally, I manifested an important and positive relationship. My shift to putting positive thoughts into the universe has changed my life in so many great ways!"                                                                              ~Catherine


Just for You:
My 50 Affirmations and Mantras to
Help You Manifest

Ready to manifest?
These are the specific affirmations I used to get where I am today.
I am giving them to you today for free!
Every thought, word, and feeling emits a vibration. You need to make sure your affirmations are in alignment with your vision.
This free download will do it for you.

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"My soul is in alignment with my goal."

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When you have a nudge to check something out, try something new, or scroll a little further, it’s the Universe letting you know that you’re supposed to do just that. Follow the signs and let’s connect to see if we are a match for one another.